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Shoot Your Shot!


If you like someone, just "Chirp" them on Parrot.

Chirps are completely anonymous
and no one knows who chirps who, unless it's mutual.
If two people unknowingly chirp each other, it's a "Pair."

If you're bold, you can "Super Chirp" so they know it's you.

You can search for your crushes on campus and chirp them without them knowing it's you, unless it's a match of course!

Start Chirping

We're the first dating app with search.
Unlike other dating apps that show you random users in your area,
we allow you to "shoot your shot" on people you actually know and see on campus.

Make a Profile

1. Make a Parrot profile - include at least one photo, your name, school, cohort (i.e Class of 2020), and a bio. Using your birthday we calculate your age and zodiac sign.

Join Flocks

2. Let other users find you and share a more about yourself, using student groups called Flocks. This includes teams, clubs, organizations, fraternities & sororities.


Swipe through Suggestions

3. We provide suggestions via swipe cards showing you users who go to you school. You're never swiping on random strangers in your area.

Search for people in mind

4. Use search to "shoot your shot" on people you know of or may have seen on campus. We're the first transparent dating platform and Search gives you complete autonomy over who you choose to chirp.



Launched Fall 2019







Launch @ Your School

We're live @ the following schools:

  • Duke University UNC-Chapel Hill Columbia University Stanford University Yale University NYU Harvard University Brown University

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