Why Build Parrot?

We're building a platform that empowers users to own their match request. We’re a platform that helps facilitate relationships that would otherwise not have developed due to fear, anxiety, or plain awkwardness. You don't "meet on Parrot" like a dating app, rather interest is simply validated. Instead of being fed users via swipe cards, users are empowered to be intentional and thus the match on Parrot means a lot more.

We know people are put off by dating apps, and instead they often rely on mutual connections with their crushes to determine whether or not there exists the potential for a match. Parrot is rather, the mutual friend everyone has that can "put them on"

In our one-click world, there’s no one-click solution for validating interest without Parrot. Current social networks serve as de facto dating apps for our generation. However, none offer a concrete, one-click method of validating interest that still allows users to save face.

On typical dating apps, the act of swiping mindlessly, the pressure to create “the perfect profile”, and a lack of engagement outside of messaging is ineffective and outdated. Those apprehensive of the idea of dating apps are left solely with direct messages via Instagram, Snapchat, or other text-based communications. This is a high-risk and stressful way to vet whether or not someone is actually interested. So this is why there's a need for Parrot.